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The Most Kickass Top I Own

Yet another fabulous find from ASOS - albeit pricier than my normal buys, this top was SO worth the $$$.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm a HUGE fan of the whole statement sleeve trend.  I'm not one to jump on "what's hot," but I can't seem to resist this bamf silhouette.
Everything about this top is a do in my book.  Some kickass features include extreme flared cuffs, a square neckline, a cold-shoulder design and a zip-back closure.  Made of a polyester, viscose, and elastane blend, this piece will seriously break necks left and right!  I paired it with comfy track pants for a more laid-back vibe, but you can totally dress this baby up.  What do you guys think of this top - is it a yah or a nah?  If you're a fan, how would you style this?
 Top:  ASOS ($57) || Pants:  Kohl's (similar) || Shoes:  Guilty Soles || Bag:  YSL
Photographed by the amazing Sung Shin.

Find of the Day: The Best $19 You'll Spend on an LBD

I am SO beyond pumped to tell you guys about my latest find!  I purchased this dress online at ASOS a few weeks back, and it was such a good buy.  I've worn it out several times already, and I've gotten complimented every time.  It's one of the more fashion-y pieces I own, but it's nothing too cray - don't worry, you won't be lady gaga-ing it up.  It's not figure-flattering (because it's boxy), but the mini dress underneath is form-fitting so you won't look completely amorphous, ha.  
With that said, it's definitely one of the coolest dresses I own, and for $19, it's a serious must-have. Like, don't even think about it - just order one for yourself here.  Made of a viscose and elastane blend, this piece has the cutest ruffle trim ever, and it masks bodily "imperfections" so if you're feeling extra bloated or self-conscious about muffin top, wear this out.  I promise you'll impress!  
Before I leave you guys, I need to share an obligatory shoefie featuring my current fave kicks from Nine West.  I got these babies for $19.99, and they're a freakin' dream come true.  They give me hella height, are comfortable as hell, and look wayyyy more expensive than they actually are.  Actually, my entire outfit costs less than $40...excluding my Chanel boy bag, which you could easily replace with a more affordable option.  You can get a similar pair HERE!
 Shot by the wonderful RMCapture.

Family Traditions with Gran Reserva

When I was a little kid, I spent most of my time practicing piano with my mom - she was my first teacher and cracked the whip pretty intensely when it came to my musical studies.  I was putting in a good 4-6 hours a day in addition to school, so suffice it to say, my life revolved around tickling the ivories.
I didn't have much free time, but I still took tae-kwon-do with my father, a bajillionth-time world champion.  He's a 9th degree black belt in TKD and has several schools around the US.  He was the first ITF middleweight champion and was proclaimed the "fastest kicker alive."

....sooo yeah, I definitely listened to him when I was being disciplined as a child, ha.  Anywho, I earned a 2nd degree black belt, but father-daughter time didn't stop there!  He was and still is an avid golfer so he'd take me out to his country club to teach me everything he knew about the game.  To be completely honest, I wasn't a huge fan of it growing up - I thought golf was boring and it was always so dang hot outside - but I grew to love our hangs, and now that I'm older, I cherish every moment we spend together even more.
I'm all about hustling and working hard to achieve my dreams, but family will always come first in my book.  End of story.  I feel like it's easy to take your family for granted because they love you unconditionally, but like all relationships, you must treat them with the utmost care, and that means making sacrifices on the daily.

Now, do I think golf's the best thing since sliced bread? No, but I love our age-old tradition, and I honestly look forward to it every time I come home.  I'm not the best golfer in the world, but I can definitely hold my own.  We also enjoy watching championship games together while sipping Gran Reserva!  Mom doesn't usually go out with us, but she'll often join us for a glass of red when we're hanging out in the basement watching tournaments on the big screen.
Before I leave you today, I have a surprise for you guys.  Enjoy a $25 credit on a round of golf at major golf courses nationwide courtesy of Concha y Toro Bran Reserva.  Find a specially marked bottle necker where you buy wine. And you can also enter a great sweepstakes to win one year of free golf - click here to enter!

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