3. Buy the right brushes!

Brushes are an extremely important – it’s almost impossible to achieve a good makeup look without the right tools. For cream contouring, I recommend a really big foundation brush and a small concealer brush. I use the foundation brush for bigger spots on my face, and a concealer brush for smaller areas, ex. under my eyes & around my nose.

For powder bronzer, I use e.l.f.’s Contour Brush. It’s perfect for getting bronzer in the right places!  I actually have a more expensive version from Sephora, but I like the e.l.f. one better! For my highlight, I use a fan brush.  It’s perfect for sprinkling bright highlight onto the face. For my matte highlight – think banana powder – I use a blending brush. It packs the color on perfectly, and it doesn’t crease at all.

It’s hard to find brushes, so here are a bunch that well help you apply your contour easily:

4. Contour away!

Finally, it’s time to contour! Now that you know all about your face, have your materials ready – it’s time to apply it all.  Makeup gurus typically put dark shades around the edges of their faces, underneath their cheekbones, and along the edges of their noses. Then, they apply highlights along the tip of their noses, underneath their eyes, and on their foreheads and chins.

Now you know how to contour perfectly! For more on beauty, click here.

Written by Zoe Luiz


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    Indeed a very helpful post !!
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